The Fiery Palette of Lee Shi-Chi

Exhibition opens 24 / 5 / 2018 - 14 / 6 / 2018

本位‧新發 0718 Orientation‧Sprouting from the Root 0718 複合媒材 Mixed Media 120cm(H) x 200cm(W) 2007.jpg
後本位 (五) Post-Orientation (5) 輸出版畫 Digital Print 30cm(H) x 60cm(W) 2002.jpg
墨語 2014 Inktalk 2014 水墨設色紙本 Ink Colour on Paper 79cm(H) x 110cm(W) 2014.jpg

Artist Reception:  23rd, May 2018 (Wednesday) 5:00- 7:00 pm

i Fine Art is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Taiwan modern art legend Lee Shi-Chi, inaugurating the new extended gallery. Lee is one of the most influential artists in modern-day Taiwan; he was the founder of the “Modern Graphic Art Association”, and core member of the prestigious “Ton Fan Group”.

Lee Shi-Chi was an important participant during Taiwan’s modern art movement, which bourgeoned in the late 50’s and boomed in the mid 60’s. The movement hugely altered the creation direction of Taiwanese artists at that time. To a great extent, in the art history context of modern China, the art movement was considered to be a revolution to overthrow the traditional value of “realism” and “reformation”,  yet as encouragement to embrace the concept of “variation” and “transcendence”. In these days, Lee is one of the few artists of his generation who still remains highly motivated and productive. His exceptional achievements in modern art, as well as dedication to the generalisation of oriental aesthetics, are admirable. 

This exhibition will feature a board selection of important works (1989-2017) by Lee, encompassing lacquer paintings, works on paper and silkscreen printing.

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